QTI School of Applied Theology & School of Worship

We invite you to start an exciting journey of equipping, learning and
launching out as Reformers!

QTI is a 2-year theological equipping center that will prepare you to understand the Scriptures, minister in the Gifts of the Spirit and develop a Victorious view of the Church! QTI is rapidly becoming the leading edge of theological equipping for the New Apostolic Reformation movement that is emerging in Christianity today.

This School of Ministry called Quest Transformation Institute (QTI) is a collaboration between Pastor Dave Collins, founder of Claremont Healing Rooms and Rob Covell, Senior Leader of Refuge. QTI is designed to teach the Scriptures in depth, activate the Holy Spirit in the student's spiritual life, and prepare each student for specialized  ministry. QTI is an affiliate school with Wagner University and all class credit is transferable to WU.

Our mission for QTI is to equip a generation of Christ Disciples who are Revivalists and Reformers that will impact all spheres of cultural influence!

QTIs main Training Facility is located at 9239 Utica Ave, Ste 100 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
QTI is a non-residential institute and does not offer on-site housing. 

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QTI School of Worship is a 12 week school designed to empower worship leaders, musicians and singers to excel in their journeys with Jesus, grow in their skill level so that they can serve the Church and minister God's grace, glory and goodness through their giftings. QTI School of Worship covers a vast array of subjects from theology, discipleship, musicianship, leading creative communities and multi-media tools.

2018 classes begin September 2018 and end December 2018.

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This School of Worship is going to be AMAZING!!