Refuge Weekend Messages

For all who may want to hear our weekend messages more than once, or if you're curious to listen to us for the very first time, here is your opportunity! Below are a collection of messages, past and present, for your FREE listening pleasure. Enjoy!

We will be posting new weekend messages every week on this page, and we live-stream every Sunday morning @ 9am and Wednesday evening @ 7pm on    

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A Night of Prophecy - Cathy Greer
Reformation Rising_3: The Life of Moses (Exodus 3) - Rob Covell
Reformation Rising_2: The Life of Moses (Exodus 2) - Rob Covell
Reformation Rising_1: The Life of Moses (Exodus 1) - Rob Covell
Freedom In Forgiveness: Joseph's Favor (Genesis) - Rob Covell
Eating From the Tree of Life - Ted Haggard
What Love Looks Like - Ted Haggard
Foundations For Revival_7: Love & Honor (Romans 12) - Rob Covell
Foundations For Revival_6: Supernatural Lifestyle (Acts 4) - Rob Covell
Foundations For Revival_5: Dominion Mandate (Genesis 1) - Rob Covell
Foundations For Revival_4: Dominion Mandate (Ephesians 19) - Rob Covell
Foundations For Revival_3: Dominion Mandate (Revelation 1) - Rob Covell
Foundations For Revival_2: The Goodness of God (Matthew 6) - Rob Covell
Foundations For Revival_1: The Goodness of God (Galatians 3) - RobCovell
Obedience Is A Manifestation Of Trust - Angelica Swan
The Apostolic Unveiling: What Is An Apostle? - Mark Tubbs, HIM Apostle
Kingdom Of God_3 (Sun PM) - Dr. Kenneth Gentry
Kingdom Of God_2 (Sun AM) - Dr. Kenneth Gentry
Kingdom Of God_1 (Sat PM) - Dr. Kenneth Gentry
KingdomOfGodSyllabus.pdf Download the syllabus notes of Dr. Gentry's "Kingdom of God" teaching by clicking this link
Emerging Prophets: Prophetic Exhortation & Words of Encouragement - Keith Ferrante
Renewing Your Mind With Peace & Joy / "Super God" - Benny and Carmen Traub
Partnering with Prosperity: Was Jesus Broke and Homeless? - Rob Covell
Unity Of The Body: May They Be One As We Are One (John 17) - Carlos Dawson
Your Faith Is An Onramp To Healing (Mark 2) - Rob Covell
Building a Lifestyle of Worship (Communion Sunday) - Rob Covell
Faithfulness To Favor-5: Seven Keys and Warnings_ (2 Chronicles 32/Isaiah38) - Rob Covell
Faithfulness To Favor-4: Overcoming Pushback When Prospering (2 Chronicles 32) - Rob Covell
Faithfulness To Favor-3: Obedience Brings Blessing (2 Chronicles 31) - Rob Covell
Faithfulness To Favor-2: What Revival Looks Like (2 Chronicles 30) - Rob Covell
Faithfulness To Favor-1: Keys To Favor (2 Chronicles 29) - Rob Covell
Seek God (Sanctuary Saturday) - Carlos Dawson
Living In Community 2: Church Government that Tranforms Society - Dave Collins
Living In Community 1: Learning to Live in the Family of God - Rob Hopper
Take Up Your Cross: Simon's Story (Luke 23:26) - Carlos Dawson
Listen, Receive and Respond - Levi Fouche, Bethel Team Leader
The Beauty of Fasting in the Lent Season (Isaiah 58) - Ash Wednesday - Rob Covell
Deep Cries Out To Deep (Psalm 42) - Carlos Dawson
Early Church Keys For Revival (Acts19) - Rob Covell
Remembering 9/11: A Message of Revival & Reformation - Rob Covell
I Celebrate You - Carlos Dawson
The Father's Heart (Mark 10) - Rob Covell
Jesus Is Our Good Samaritan (Luke10) - Rob Covell
Overcoming Into Destiny (1 Chronicles 14) - Rob Covell
Authority In Warfare (Mark 5) - Rob Covell
Binding The Strongman (Matthew 12) - Rob Covell
Defeat the Religious Spirit (Mark 7) - Rob Covell
Finding Jesus In Yom Kippur - Rob Covell
Finding Jesus In Rosh Hashana - Rob Covell
The Healing Touch Of Jesus - Carolyn Covell
The Eyes Of Jesus: Loving Into Freedom - Carolyn Covell